The advocates at JByamukama & Co. Advocates have impressive experience in litigation and have handled a variety of successful cases for our clients in all matters of civil and contractual disputes and torts. Our advocates are thorough, principled, loyal, creative and knowledgeable on a wide range of civil and commercial matters.

We represent our clients in Civil and Commercial law centered disputes in Courts of Law and other dispute resolution fora including but not limited to; Tribunals, Regulatory authorities, Committees, and Boards.

In this area, we handle taxation, land and employment disputes, election and constitutional petitions and in local and international arbitration, commercial litigation of all levels, Class actions, Consumer Protection, Contract law, Environmental, Energy, Oil & Gas Law, Professional Liability, Medical negligence, and all related litigation.

We represent clients through all stages of litigation – investigations, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial matters, the trial itself, and if appropriate, settlements and/or appeals of trial decisions.

Examples of civil litigation handled by our firm include but are not limited to the following:

  • Commercial litigation (e.g. breach of non-competition agreements, sales agreements, etc.)
  • Construction litigation, including mechanic’s lien and contractor payment claims
  • Injunctive Relief, including temporary restraining orders (TROs) and other emergency relief
  • Employment litigation
  • Trespass Actions
  • Landlord-tenant evictions

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Legal advice is the application of abstract principles of law to the concrete facts of the client’s case in order to advise the client about what they should do next.