Family disputes are sensitive matters that require confidentiality, and empathy. These areas generally include contracting marriages, pre-nuptial agreements,  divorces, child custody, child support and welfare, post divorce matters, financial issues related to family disputes and succession matters including drafting and being custodians of wills and testaments, Advance Medical Directives and Power of Attorney (General, Special & Medical), Insurance, estate planning and management, pursuing of probate and letters of administration, and acting in contested probate proceedings.

While acting as Trustees for Estates, we offer advice and act in the administration of Trusts and Estates, creation of trusts for minors and other dependants, wealth management services which include planning and investment and asset protection solutions.

In all such instances, JByamukama can be counted on to offer legal support in a way that is emotionally sensitive and respectful.  Our lawyers are human before they are lawyers and therefore they can be relied on to provide that personal touch that is much needed in such matters.

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